Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fat Burning Friday......On Saturday

I am so behind! My sister and her 2 kids stayed here the past couple of days and I was gone almost all day yesterday. By the time we got home around 6pm and had dinner I was not really up to blogging.
Okay, last week went so/so. I start off by saying I never got on the treadmill once. Last friday night I started running fever and then ending up sleeping 15hrs that night! WOW
I mean I like to sleep in on Saturday's but not like that.
Not sure if I was just ran down from everything going on around here or what. I spent Saturday and Sunday resting, I just felt blah. As for Mon-Thurs, I was gone except for Thursday and well the treadmill didn't make it on the top of my priority list.
I did do well with drinking water. As for Dr Pepper, most days I only drank 1 but there were a couple days I had 2. The eating also went pretty well, could have been a little better but I was pleased with the result.

Considering no exercise and not perfect eating I was glad to lose 1 1/2 lbs.

Goals for the new week.
  • more water
  • only 1 Dr. Pepper a day
  • treadmill

Fat Burning Pounds Lost Since Jan. 5, 09 - 1 1/2
Fat Burning Pounds to Go - 76 1/2

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Andrea @ Mommy said...

It must have just been the week because I never made it on the treadmill either!! Ugghhh!! I am gonna get on this week so I hope you'll be burning your booty along w/ me!!

Have a great week :-)