Friday, January 9, 2009

Fat Burning Friday

Fat Burning Friday is one of the new things that will be going on here. I regularly read a great blog called Mommy Snacks and she does a weekly post about her successes or not over the past week.

I few months ago I tried doing a weight loss blog but with this one and my money making blog I just couldn't keep up. So I decided to take this approach instead.

I have to admit I have a LOT of weight to lose. After my last surgery in January 2006 I have gained 78lbs. Yikes! So I have a long way to go but I am really tired of having this extra weight on.
So my hubby and I started back on Monday January 5th. So far this week has been a struggle. I am really struggling with Dr. Pepper. I am going to try and get back to the routine I used to be on before I gained so much weight.
  • Stay on or around 1500 calories (with occasional exceptions)
  • Drink lots of water and unsweet tea
  • for now try to cut the Dr. Pepper 2 one can a day (hopefully I can wean myself off)
  • get my butt back on the treadmill (haven't done this yet this week)
  • weigh in on friday mornings
  • have one splurge meal a week (this is usually on a friday or saturday night, eat out or make something we normally wouldn't)
I will start my weighing in next week since it has only been a few days this week.

Fat Burning Pounds Lost Since Jan. 5, 09 - 0
Fat Burning Pounds to Go - 78

If you would like to join in on Fat Burning Friday click the link to Mommy Snacks above.


Andrea @ Mommy said...

Good goals for the week! I need to wean myself off Starbucks so I am right there with you and your Dr. Pepper!

And, I also have a splurge meal a week (well, I'll be honest sometimes it's more than that). I do think that helps you to get "it all out" and focus again the next day.

Good luck this week! Just get on the treadmill once - I guarantee you'll feel better!!