Friday, January 30, 2009

Fat Burning Friday 1/30

Well this week was nothing spectacular!

Kids were off school tuesday - friday which really threw me off. Hubby was also home a couple days. My eating went like this - Excellent one day with healthy choices.......not at all great the next day and not so healthy choices. This went on over and over.
On a brighter note I did get in 3 walks this week. 2 were for 40 minutes and 1 was for 30.
Sadly I lost no weight, but thankfully I gained no weight! :)

Now this is really cool.....I won 3 months free Weight Watcher online from a giveaway on Bargain Briana. I have participated in Weight Watchers a long time ago where I went to meetings and was very successful. I have never done the online version so I will be blogging about my experiences along the way. I will be starting this tomorrow.

So here are my goals for this week:
  • drink my water (this is a permanent goal:)
  • Walk at least 3 times ( I would really like to walk 4, hopefully I have the time)
  • Stick to my new Weight Watchers goals

Fat Burning Pounds Lost Since Jan. 5, 09 - 4
Fat Burning Pounds to Go - 74

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