Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Target Shopping 12/5

I will start by saying this week my budget runneth over. A little while back I decided my grocery/household budget would be $100 a week. Since then I have stayed under, some weeks way under. Now it is time to use up some coupons and stock up! :)

Target 12/5

Air Wick Ultra $5.99
Air Wick Mini $4.95
2 Kashi Cereal Bars @ $3.29 each
2 Fiber One Pop Tarts @ $1.75 each
Curves Cereal Bar $2.25
2 Venus Embrace @ $7.94 each
Crest Weekly Clean $3.99

Secret Christmas Gift $21.99

-$3.29 Free Kashi Cereal Bars (Vocal point)
$2 off Kashi Cereal Bars (Vocal Point)
$5 off AirWick Ultra
$4 off AirWick Mini
2 70cents off Fiber One Pop Tarts
75cents off Curves Bars
-$3.99 Free Crest Weekly Clean (Vocal point)

My total was $40.38 and about $25 of that was the Christmas gift. So that is $15.38 out of my budget.

According to my receipt I saved a total of $44.94!!