Saturday, December 20, 2008

CVS Shopping 12/12/08

I had already went to CVS earlier in the week so I had nothing major planned for this trip, but I received a $5/$30 coupon in my email so I thought I could find something.

CVS 12/12

1 Gal 2% Milk $2.99
2 Stayfree Pads @ $3.99 each (receive $2 Extra Care Bucks each)
20oz Dr Pepper $1.49
A Small Secret Item for the girls to give their dad on Christmas $6.99
2 Love's Body Sprays @ $5.99 each (4 girls stocking)
Pedigree Dog Food $5.99

$2/2 Stayfree
$5/$30 coupon

Total Spent $32.09 and received $4 Extra Care Bucks
Only $13 came from the grocery budget. So that brings my weekly total to $33.12 after shopping Target and Walgreens.

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