Saturday, November 8, 2008

Update on My Shopping Budget

Two months ago today I wrote my first post on grocery shopping. When I started this journey there were already things that I did to save money but I decided it was time to make the most of our money. Today I am going to talk about our grocery/household shopping.

When this started I was telling my husband that I needed a higher grocery budget. At the time my grocery budget was loosely 200 a payday or 400 a month. Although I never managed to spend only that amount. I never made a list, never planned menus. I just went in and bought. I didn't use coupons and I almost always shopped Walmart only. This budget didn't include household needs like toiletries, laundry and HBA. That budget was loosely 50 a payday or 100 a month. So my minimum grocery/household budget was 500 a month.

The problem was I never got everything I needed in the first trip, I would end up going back to WalMart several times a payday. I would run out some things and have too much of others. Some things would go bad and that would be wasted.

So even though are "so called" budget allowed for 500 a month, I almost always spent more like 600 a month.

My first goal was to actually stay in our original budget but I was hoping to be under. It became amazingly easy to stay under the 500 a month when I started using coupons. I also began making my own laundry soap, I cut out bottled water and I started making my own cleaning supplies.

Over the past 2 months my "500 budget" that wasn't enough. Has became more than enough and I have been able to get stocked up on a lot of things.

My new goal starting this payday is to spend only $200 a payday for both groceries and household. So that will be a total of $400 a month, $200 less than I started out. Doing this slowly and gradually has worked well for me.

So I have decided that this weekend I will start posting all of my shopping including groceries. This will be like my accountability to stay on track! :)

Do you have any great ideas for saving more money on my budget?? If so leave a comment, I would love to hear more thoughts.

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