Monday, November 24, 2008

Only One Month.....

Blog Pictures | It is really hard to believe that there are only 31 days until Christmas! If you are like me you still have so many things to accomplish. This weekend we will put up our Christmas tree and decorations. The girls can't wait. We will play Christmas music and drink Eggnog.

I truly enjoy the Holidays and more than anything I enjoy giving. I love for my girls to have a wonderful Christmas but we don't spend hundreds of dollars per child. It's just not realistic for us.

My shopping list includes:
My Mom and Step Dad
My Grandma and Grandpa
My Hubby's Dad
13 nieces and nephews
My hubby and my 2 girls

We also try to do some type of donation every year.
Now you can see we don't buy for my sisters and their spouses or my hubby's siblings and spouses. We all decided many years ago when the nieces and nephews started multiplying that we would rather buy for them than each other. I would rather my girls get another present and me not.

Thankfully I have all the nieces and nephews done except my sisters brand new baby girl. (we only spend $10 per gift on the N&N's and trust me I look for clearance). I also have my Step Dad and Grandma done.

On top of the Christmas shopping we have my Step Dad's Birthday the beginning of December, my sister on December 15th, my oldest Daughter on December 16th, one niece on December 17th and yet another niece on December 23rd! Uggh.

I don't have to buy for my sister, niece no #1 will get $20 (what we do for bday's once they are 10 or over)and I have already got niece #2's present. As for my oldest daughter she is turning 13 and I told her that starting this year we will make a tradition and just go shopping together with the amount of money we spend on the girls bdays.

So here is what I have left to do for the month of December:
Step Dad Bday
Take Daughter Bday Shopping
Mom Christmas Present
Grandpa Christmas Present
Hubby Christmas Present
New baby niece Christmas Present
Emeri and Jonah's Christmas (I plan to get a lot done friday morning at WalMart)

As for donating, we already have numerous new toys that I have gotten throughout the year on clearance. Since they don't work for the kids I am shopping for, my girls are going to take them to school to donate for children in need in our town.

How are you doing on your Christmas shopping?? Are you farther along than me??
Next year I really hope to have everything done before December!!

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jovimom said...

You're doing better than me! I only have bought a few things for my daughter and just today I got some things for my husband. I usually get a lot of cheap gifts so they'll have lots to open on x-mas! I can't buy for a lot of the people I used to buy for since I don't work anymore. This year my son wants a new TV so he's not getting much else,lol! Have a Happy Thanksgiving:)