Sunday, November 2, 2008

More than One Free Crest at CVS?

Update: According to the November Extra Care Book the Crest deal has a limit of 2.

Well I just went to CVS to get a few of this weeks deals. One of the things I wanted was the free Crest Pro Health

So the cashier told me he wanted to "try something out on my order". So I said okay. He grabbed 2 Crest Pro Health toothpastes.
He rang up my whole order minus one of the Crest, I paid then got my Extra Care Bucks. Next he rang up the other Crest and a 30 cent filler, I paid with the $3.49 ECB I received for the first Crest. Low and behold I received a second $3.49 Extra Care Buck. Not only that, my receipt does not show "Offer Limit Reached" on the Crest. I know this is supposed to be limit 1. I was wondering if it was a glitch or one of those hidden bonuses. Anyway, just thought I would mention it in case anyone else wants to try it.

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