Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kroger Mega Sale Shopping

New budget week 11/14 - 11/20

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Due to the fact that the Kroger Mega Sale was ending on 11/15, I decided it would be beneficial to start my new weekly budget a little early. Last week I was unable to do any serious Kroger shopping since I was sick. Although this week due to some Dr and Dental appointments I was in "Big Town" many more days than I usually am.

Wednesday the 12th I had almost an hour to spare in town so I figured I would see if I could get a few things at the Mega Sale.

Kroger Trip 11/12
Colgate Luminous Toothpaste $1.50 (MS)
Scotch Brite nail Saver Sponge $1.99 (MS)
2 Total Cereal @ $2 each (MS)
1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal $2 (MS)
2 Swiss Miss w/ Marshmallows @ $1.50 each (MS)
2 Peter Pan Peanut Butter @ $2.45 each (MS)
1 Pkg Turkey Lunchmeat $3.99
2 Cottonelle 4pk @ 99cents each
1 Dr Pepper 20oz $1.49
1 Reese's Cup 79 cents
1 Just Bunches Cereal $3.19
1 Muir Glen Tomato Paste $1.39
1 Kroger Wheat Bread $1.19
Palmolive Dish Soap $2.49 (MS)
~Coupons~ 50 cents off Cottonelle (Cellfire)
50 cents off Cottonelle (
$5 off Mega Offer
$2 off Just Bunches
2 25cents off Cottonelle doubled to 50cents

$1 off Muir Glen
75cents off Colgate
2 50cents off Peter Pan doubled to $1 each

25cents off Palmolive doubled to 50cents

50cents off Scotch Brite nail Saver doubled to $1
$1 off Deli Cuts Lunch Meat

55cents off Cinnamon Toast Crunch

2 $1 off Swiss Miss

2 75cents off Total

Total came to $15.53
Trip to came on Thursday when both of my daughters and I all had dental cleanings. I had a little time to spare so ran in quickly to get more savings.

Kroger trip 11/13
Kroger Skim Milk $2.42 (expiring in a couple days, gonna bake with it)
1 Activia Yogurt $2 (MS)
Active Lifestyle Instant Oatmeal $1.99
2 Huggies Sensitive Wipes @ $2.50 each (MS)
2 Glade Candles @ $2.50 each (MS)
Dial Soap $1.50 (MS)
2 Progresso Soup @ $1.65 each
Smuckers jam $2.50 (MS)
2 Dannon La Creme Yogurt @ $2 each (MS)
3 Banquet Chicken Nuggets @ $2 each (MS)
4 Total Cereal @ $2 each (MS)
2 Johnson's Oatmeal Vanilla Body Wash @ $3 each (MS)
1 Trix Cereal $2 (MS)
1 Johnson's Oatmeal Vanilla Lotion $3 (MS)
FREE Active Lifestyle Oatmeal (Cellfire)

50cents off 2 Progresso soup (Shortcuts)

55cents off Trix (Shortcuts)

2 50cents off Huggies Wipes doubled to $1 each

$1/2 La Creme Yogurt

$1 off Activia
$3 off 3 Johnson Items
2 $1.10/1 Progresso

2 $1 off Glade Candles
30cents off Dial doubled to 60cents

25cents off Smuckers doubled to 50cents

2 $1/2 Total Cereal
$5 Mega Offer
My total was $34.31, I paid then realized the didn't take off one of my Mega Offers. Went to the service desk and the nice Gentleman checked out my stuff, scanned a paper and then handed me $5 cash. So my total then became $29.31
My last trip was yesterday. I had to go to "Big Town" once again, this time for my yearly Echocardiagram. So I figured I would make one more stop and see what I could stock up on.

Kroger Trip 11/14

Kroger Flour $1.99
2 Air Wick Sprays @ 99cents each
5 Scotch Brite Sponges @ $1 each (MS)
1 Land O Lakes Butter $2.50 (MS)
2 Coast Soap @ $1 each (MS)
Kroger Plastic Spoons $1
2 Toaster Strudels @ $2 each (MS)
2 Hefty Freezer Bags @ $1.50 each (MS)
Kroger Skim Milk $2.42
2 Swiss Miss @ $1.50 each (MS)
2 Total Cereal @ $2 each (MS)
2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal (MS)
2 Betty Crocker Potatoes (MS)
2 Private Selection Organic Beans @ 79cents each
Kroger Wheat Bread 88cents
Kroger 18ct Eggs $2.19
$10 off Mega Offer
55cents off 2 Toaster Strudels
2 $1/2 Total
$1/2 Betty Crocker Potatoes
buy 1 get 1 free Air Wick took off $1.29
My total was $29.10

So far that gives me a total for this week of $73.94. I still have $26.06 to spend until next friday the 21st. We are so stocked up on so many things. Tons of cereal. The baby wipes and baby wash went to my sister for my new niece.

I am also getting items ready to take for the local Homeless Shelter. We are a small area and only have one Shelter in "Big Town" My supply is getting large so we have plenty to share.

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