Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday at Walmart

This year for the first time in many years I did go to Walmart for Black Friday. My best girlfriend and I had a plan to head to a local 24hr Walmart. She had some ad matching to do so we got to Walmart at 3:30am. There were already quite a few cars in the parking lot and the Electronics section was already filling up. I personally was not going for any electronics so I was glad about that. We walked the perimeter of the store to figure out where the items were that we wanted. At about 4am we split up. I was mainly going for hoodies and pjs for my girls Christmas.
I found it odd that at 4am the employees started taking the plastic off all of the display cases except electronics items. So everyone was just walking by getting what they wanted an moving on. I do admit that I had a few things in my cart although they were items that were not on display and hadn't been wrapped up with plastic but they were in the ad.
I did managed to get everything I wanted. No pic in case my nosy daughters happen to see.

But I managed to get 7 items each for both of my daughters as well as getting my new niece the Fisher Price Walker t0 Wagon for $10.
I know she is not quite big enough yet but by the time next Christmas rolls around she will be 14months. Besides my sister expressed really wanting this for her. :)
I also got 6 new towels for $1.50 each.

All in all I spent $103 for 15 gifts and 6 towels. Not bad! After I added up all original price tags I saved about as much as I spent. After Walmart we grabbed a breakfast sandwich at McDonalds and headed home. I was home by 8:30am. For me it was worth getting up that early to save $100. As for my friend, she saved $75. So we were both pleased.