Sunday, October 26, 2008

Update on Homemade Fabric Softener

The other day I was searching for some more "home made" recipes. While perusing The Grocery Cart Challenge I came across a section for "home made" cleaning supplies. Gayle has many ideas I plan on trying, but the one I had to do first was the Fabric Softener. Now her recipe is for making dryer sheets but I just adjusted the amounts.

Now if you remember I made my first home made fabric softener back in September. It has been serving me well. The only thing I was having problems with, was scent. I tried the essential oils but it didn't really give any major scent. The only thing I could figure was that maybe it had something to do with not drying clothes in the dryer? Who knows. Anyway, the recipe made about 45 loads for under a $1 (with this recipe I used 2 lids full each load).

So, I made the new fabric softener yesterday. Here is what I used

7 cups water
4 cups vinegar
1 1/4 cup hair conditioner (this time I used v05 Key lime)

Here is the money break down
Vinegar 1 Gal Jug at WalMart $2.19, I used 4 cups for a total of 54 cents
V05 Conditioner 15 oz on sale at CVS for 88 cents I used 10 oz for a total of 58 cents

So, the Fabric Softener cost me $1.12. This filled my 90 load fabric softener bottle. Also, I am only using 1 lid instead of 2 which means I will get 90 loads for $1.12. Here is the bonus, even though I am hanging my clothes to dry they are softer than with the other recipe. And the scent is better. Not super strong just a light sweet scent. Obviously you can use any conditioner or scent that you like. Plus if you have a coupon for your conditioner you can make this even cheaper.

I will be trying more of Gayle's ideas! :)

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