Thursday, October 23, 2008

Samples in the Mail

I got some great samples this week!! The Always Infinity sample came really fast, I was surprised.

I also got a John Frieda shampoo and conditioner sample. It had a $1 off coupon inside.

Last I got a Pantene shampoon and condition sample.

I love free samples! It only takes a minute to sign up and each free sample you get is 1 or 2 free uses of an item. It is just another way to help you save money pennies at a time without any serious effort.

One of my favorite places for free samples is

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MOMMY said...

Hi! I just added your blog to my favorites. I am ALL about saving money nowadays! Stop on over at my blog if you like.

BTW, samples are great! I love when I get tampon ones-silly but they come in handy. So far my favorite sample has been the Kashi cookie-I ate it right away.


Amber said...

Thanks so much Aimee come back anytime! :)