Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kellogs Cereal on the Cheap

So have you gotten your Kellog's coupons yet?? Right now there are a total of 7 $1 off Kellogs Cereal coupons that you can print 2X each.
Word is that several stores are have 2/$4 sales on select Kellogs cereal right now including CVS.

Without further ado, you can go to and print out a total of 6 Mini Wheats coupons and a total of 8 Buy Any Kellogs Cereal coupons.

Now at they still have 8 coupons. had 8 yesterday so you need to get them while you can.
You can also get your cereal coupons from the teal widget on the right sidebar.

$1 a box for Kellogs cereal is such a great price!! I am stocking up.