Friday, October 24, 2008

Have you Joined Vocal Point yet?

Well I joined Vocal Point in mid September.
What is Vocal Point? "Vocalpoint is a place where moms can find useful and surprising news about all kinds of different things – including snacks, home appliances, TV shows, beverages, cleaning products, new websites, events, and a lot more."

Who can join Vocal Point? "Vocalpoint is accepting all women with children/stepchildren under 19 in their home."

Vocal Point is free to join! You can go to and register

Today in the mail I was surprised to find a Brand New Venus Embrace Razor to test out!! It also came with 5 $4 off 1 Venus Embrace Razor coupons. Wow!

You are not required to blog about the items but of course you can. You can also go on their site and give your review about the items you receive. Apparently they send out some really nice stuff for moms to try out.

As for the Razor well it is really nice and I am hoping that one of my favorite stores will come up with a great sale on them.

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