Saturday, October 4, 2008

CVS Shopping Trip 9/30

I made 2 CVS trips this week, one to my towns store. (only a couple minutes away) Then one to the other store I shop at. This other store is about 25 minutes away, it is in the town that my sister lives and every tuesday my mom, sisters and I meet up and spend the day together. I also go to this town at least every other friday for shopping purposes. They have way more stores than we do and it is worth it for the grocery savings I can find.

Anyhow, my CVS trips turned out great this week. I met my store manager and took the opportunity to talk to her and get a feel for her attitude. I told her I was new to CVS'ing and just started asking her some questions. Mainly it was things I had already learned online but I wanted to see how she responded about lots of coupons and the Extra Care Bucks.

I am glad to say she was super sweet, told me how several women come in every week and pay nothing but tax. Then she asked to see all my coupons and my ECB's and showed me the correct way to use them. I had my first $4/$20 that I got in an email so she took the $/$$ first, then ECB's and then other coupons. Wow, I felt great knowing that sweet lady is my local store manager. Now onto my loot.

Trip 1

1 Febreeze Effect Air Freshner $2.50
1 Gillette Fusion Razor $9.99 (received $5 ECB's)
2 Colgate Action Angle 2pk Toothbrushes 75% off at $1.50 each
4 CVS Dental Tape 75% off at 57 cents each
2 Gum Tech Plus Toothbrushes 75% off at $1.25 each
1 Dawn Ultra Dish Detergent 99 cents
1 Dasani Plus Water $1.49
2 Gold Emblem Pretzels at 79 cents each

(we talked so much she forgot to ring up the makeup so I had to go back to the store to pay for it)
25 cents off Dawn
$1 off Febreeze
$1 off Gold Emblem Pretzels
$4 off Gilette Fusion
$14 in ECB's
Total out of pocket 37 cents and receive $5 in ECB's

Got home and realized I didn't pay for the makeup and went back.

1 Covergirl Makeup $5.49

Total out of pocket $5.89 and received $5.79 in ECB'S

Trip #2
1 Febreeze Noticeable Kit $6.99
2 Dawn Ultra Dish Liquid at 99 cent each
1 VO5 Shampoo 99 cents
1 vo5 Conditioner 99 cents
Coupons 2/25 cents off Dawn
$5 off Febreeze Noticeables
$5 Extra Care Bucks
Total out of pocket 96 cents and still have $5.79 ECB's for next week.
The other 2 items in the picture came from 2 other stores we stopped in that day.

I got the Soft Soap Refill at Target. It was marked down to $2.33 and I had a 50 cent off coupon.

As for the Gilette Fusion Gift Pack I got it at Walmart it was $7 something and I used one of my $4 off coupons. It came with shaving cream and body wash which my hubby dosen't like but my brother in law does.