Saturday, September 13, 2008

Target Shopping 9/12

Target was my first stop on yesterdays shopping trip. I mainly
wanted to do the Kashi deal again, this time with a coupon. Although as you can see I managed to find some other things to buy. :)

1 Express Clue Game $2.74 on clearance (reg. $10.99)
1 Express Monopoly $2.74 on clearance (reg. $10.99)
1 Express Battleship Game $2.74 on clearance (reg $10.99)
1 Express Scrabble Game $2.74 on clearance (reg $10.99)
(I always like to have lots or cheap games/toys on hand for gifts)

40 2pk Duracell AA Batteries on clearance 25 cents per 2pk (Duracell 10pk cost $7.49)
(These do not expire until Mar 2014 so I am not sure why so cheap but I bought them up)

2 12 count wash cloths $2.08 each on clearance
1 Renuzit Tri Scents $4.99 on sale
1 Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste $1.88 on clearance
2 Hunts Snack Pack Pudding 95 cents each
Dog Treats $2.99
Renuzit Air Freshener $1.99

Kashi Cereal
Kashi Cookies
2 Kashi Cereal Bars
On sale 4 for $11
$4 off Renuzit Tri Scents
$1 off Colgate max Fresh
75cents of 2 Hunts Snack pack Pudding
$1.50 of Dog Treats
$1 off Renuzit Air Freshner
$2 off Kashi

My Total with Tax came to $42.77 plus I received a $5 gift card

Total Before Sales/Clearance and Coupons $140 plus tax!

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