Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shopping Trip 9/16/08

I was going to post this yesterday, then I got to painting and spent the majority of my day doing that. I have lost one receipt and don't have everything pictured but, I think you'll get the idea.

CVS in my hometown. I lost this reciept.

3 Johnson's Buddy Bars @ $1.19
Excedrin Tension Headache $3.99
6 Skippy Peanut Butter $10 for all
2 Pert Plus 2/$5
Coupons $3 off 3 Johnsons's Buddy Bars
2 $1.50 of Pert Plus
$10 Extra Care Bucks
Out of Pocket was around $7 and I received $3 Extra Care Bucks for the Skippy and $3.99 for the Excedrin. For a total $6.99 ECB's

CVS #2 Most of the stuff I bought is not in the pic.

Blue pail 90% off at .24 cents
green pail 90% off at .24 cents
3 Licensed Disney Pails 90% off at .49 cents each
2 pr Flip Flops 90% off at .19 cents each (my daughters snatched them already)
Baby Boat Floatie 90% off at .59 cents (sent home with my mom)
4 Swim Rings at 90% off .19 cents each (sent home with my mo)
3 St Ives Body Wash at $3.99 each
No coupons, used my ECB's from first trip.
$9.40 out of pocket and received $5 in ECB's
I had a total trip savings of $41.19


Sadly got to Walgreens and they were out of most everything I wanted.

Colgate max Fresh Toothpaste $2.99
Colgate Whitening Toothposte $2.99
Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers clearance 65 cents (not pictured)
Coupon from the Walgreen's insert to receive $2 off up to 8 items
$1 off ColgateMax Fresh
Out of pocket was $1.70
I still have $10 in Register Rewards that I have to use by 9/26

I mainly went in there to pick something up for my grandparents. On tuesdays, I usually cook them a full meal or bring them a meat and all my Grandma has to do is make sides.

Not Pictured is the Rotisserie Chicken $7.49 (most of the time I cook but sometimes convenience wins)
4 Aarid Extra Dry @ $1.00 each
2 Aqua Fresh Toothpast @ $1.00 each
No coupons
Out of pocket $14.64
Not everything is pictured here, some of it went home with my sister. What I bought I put up for next year school supplies

10 composition books @ 12 cents each
1 Subject notebook 48 cents
1 Themebook 48 cents
3 9 ct Math Kit @ 32 cents each
4ct Papermate Pens 47 cent
3 10ct Papermate pens @ 12 cents each
2 10ct Assorted Folders @ 25 cents each
4 150ct Filler Paper @ 12 cents each
6ct Crayola Markers 98 cents
20ct Pens 17 cents
The total was $6.60 and I paid with my gift cards from last weeks Kashi deal
I still have $3.40 on one GC left
At this point I am completely stocked on Toothpaste and Deodorant for probably at a year and a half. Any more deals with coupons that I find for these 2 items will be going to my sisters until they are stocked up.

I would still like to get other toiletries stocked up.

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