Friday, September 12, 2008

Save Money While Packing your Child's Lunch

My girls have always packed their lunches except for pizza day. But up until this year I had been very wasteful. Here are the changes I have made.
Instead of buying tons of juice boxes- we got these clear and grey Rubbermaid drink containers. They are spillproof and great! So now they take water, juice, koolaid or lemonade. No containers to throw away every day and less money.

Instead of putting sandwiches in plastic baggies- I purchased reusable sandwich containers. (not pictured). No more constant plastic waste!
Instead of buying fruit cups such as Dole - I have purchased several small containers which I can add some canned fruit, applesauce, or some veggies. Alot cheaper this way.

Instead of buying individual chips, cookies or snacks - Buy the bigger packages of chips, cookies and such that your childs likes. Divide them into snack sized bags. This is also so much cheaper, especially if you use coupons.

Instead of buying snack cakes or muffins - Make your own. I just bought the cutest mini muffin pan. This weekend I am going to make some tiny muffins and cupcakes, bag them and stick them in the fridge for lunches this week. I purchased mixes for $1 and under.

Also try to find each child a good thermos for soups, pastas and flavored rices. I found the above blue thermos at a Thrift shop for 50 cents and it was immaculate inside. Then I found the yellow crayon one at WalMart on clearance for $1.25. My girls were taking Chicken noodles to school today.

What are your school lunch ideas?