Monday, September 22, 2008

Sale at Bath and Body Works

I am a Bath and Body Works fanatic. I have many B&B Sprays and lotions in my cabinet. I just love walking by the store and smelling it.

Right now the Bath and Body Room Sprays are on sale for $3 and as you can see they have brought in the fall scents. Creamy Nutmeg, Pumpkin and Leaves. The sale is for a limited time so you better get yours while you can.

I am looking forward to my bday in less than two weeks so I can buy their brand new Black Amethyst in the spray and the lotion. (I get money from my mom and usually stock up on myfavorite scents) It is to die for!! Last week when shopping with my mom and sis we tried on the lotion and I LOVED it!!

In my book a girl can never have enough B&B products.


jovimom said...

I agree, Bath and Body works can't be beat! I have a ton in my bathroom also and am constantly buying new scents. I will have to check these out, thanks for posting :)

MsFit said...

You've been awarded!
Stop by my blog to pick it up (: