Saturday, September 6, 2008

Quick Lunches or After School Snacks

Last winter I quit buying can soup, unless I find that super unbelievable deal. I like to have soups and/or stews for a quick easy lunch while I am at home by myself. My oldest daughter loves to come home from school and pop a bowl of soup into the microwave for a quick healthy after school snack.

My solution: I make my own soup/stew. At least once a week I get out the crock and whip up something easy. I usually make it meatless which is cheaper and less calories. Sometimes I use a recipe and sometimes I just throw in the leftover veggies and spice it up.

This week my soup has 1 can chicken broth, some extra water for measure, carrots, peas, 1 can black beans drained and rinsed and a can of diced tomatoes with no salt. Carrots and peas are veggies I can't seem to eat if they arent' cooked in a soup with plenty of seasoning. So put all this in your crockpot, add plenty of garlic and pepper and let it go. I think I cooked on high for about 3 hours.

I then added up the total calories, divide it into 5 equal parts, put into sealed containers and put in in the fridge for easy access.

It ended up being not quite 60 cents per serving and only 160 calories; plus I am eating veggies I would normally never eat. This really helps on my weight loss journey!