Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Proctor and Gamble Brand Saver

This past Sunday our paper had a lot of good coupons. There was also a nice P&G insert with tons of coupons for the brands I love.

While going through this insert I found a website and decided to check it out. It's the Proctor and Gamble website and it features all of the brands that they produce. So instead of searching for coupons or samples you can go to this site check out the brands/products you love. Each product has it's website listed so you can just click and see if they have any coupons or samples. No google searching or trying to guess what the website name may be. There is also a spot called P&G Brand Saver that shows the most recent samples and coupons. Also the newest products on the market.

It also gives you a heads up when the next batch of P&G coupons is going in your Sunday paper. Check it out!