Friday, September 5, 2008

Does Organizing Help You Save?

I think the answer is yes! I am not very good at being organized. I am going to show you inside my horrible kitchen cabinets, trust me when I say they are bad. LOL I spent my afternoon getting them organized. I found lots of duplicate items I didn't realize I had. I wouldn't have bought 3 Lawry's Seasoned Salts unless they were a super bargain. Yet I have 3 in my cabinet because I am sure I had no idea I had it every time I went to shop.

So I personally think that having my kitchen more organized will help me when making my shopping list and will in the long run help me save.

I don't have a whole lot of cabinet space, I only have two upper cabinets. Here is the first one before: It houses medicines we don't use often, spices, excess cleaning products, cups, and many other thingsI really can't find anything in there which is why I have multiple spices. I also found that I had 2 1/2 boxes of snack size zippered bags, and no it wasn't from a sale. After organizing here is what it looks like. It actually has more stuff in it now.

This next cabinet is under the sink and it is a terrible mess every thing just shoved underneath.

Here it is afterward, much more organized and I can actually see what is in there instead of just a big mess of things. This is the only cabinet that has less in it now that it has been cleaned out. All of the others actually have more stuff now. Once they were organized I found more room!

This is my second upper cabinet. It houses plates, some pans, skillets, bowls and a bunch of plastic containers.
Believe it or not, I actually found about 15 lids that no longer had plastic containers that went with them.
Last is my silverware drawer. I forgot to get a before picture. I hope I can make it stay this way
I do have other lower cabinets but I didn't get their picture. I have one that is for canned goods. and some more drawers. I have one that is completely empty due to it's location. I did get them all cleaned today and it was a job. Also I managed to throw out 3 trash bags full just from the cabinets and drawers.


smbwallace said...

Looks great! Sounds like something I need to do!

Amber said...

Thanks, that is just the beginning of what I need to do. I really need to do all the closest and the bathroom cabinet. :)

Susan said...

Great job on your drawers and cabinets.

Susan Stewart
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