Monday, August 18, 2008

Towels, Pjs and Socks OH My!

Such a never ending cycle.....wash the laundry, put away the laundry. It is a definite constant in my life, the laundry is never finished.

So how can we save money when doing our laundry?? Well one way that I have been doing for a long time is saying NO to the dryer. I know that this can be a very tedious job, especially moms if you work outside the home, but it can also save alot of money on your electric bill.

I use the clothesline when weather permits. But mainly I use my basement! I have a dry unfinished basement that has a dehumidifier running at all times. This draws out any moisture that may be lurking in my basement and keeps it smelling nice. I also have a huge fan that I run and it blows towards the clothes. The little old lady that owned this house before us had metal rods and wire clotheslines put up allover the basement ceiling. So I just wash the clothes (washer in basement), then I take things that aren't to heavy and hang them on the hanger they will stay on when put in the closet. For towels, underwear or heavy items I hang them with clothespins. Clothes actually get dried pretty fast down there, if they are light weight they will be ready in a couple hours. Heavier items I try and put directly in front of the fan. I end up with nice smelling clean clothes, that haven't shrunk! :)