Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shop Your Local Goodwill or Salvation Army

Who says you have to go to the mall or even Wal Mart when shopping for good quality clothes for your kids?? Your local thrift store is full of wonderful little gems for pennies on the dollar.

I really should go more often, I usually end up going every month or two. But my youngest daughter has hit a serious growing spurt and she is skipping sizes. She has not a single pair of jeans that fit her. I had went to WalMart the other day and got her 3 pairs of jeans for $7 each. Not bad but I knew I could do better which is why I only bought 3 pairs.

Today I was out of town so I stopped in at the closest Salvation Army. Just my luck, sign on the door read "All pink tags 49cents". Here is what I found in my daughters size. Pair of Levi's Jeans for $2.99. Pair of Rt 66 (Target) denim Gauchos 49 cents. Ralph Lauren denim pleated skirt with shorts built underneath 49 cents. Zana Di khaki shorts 49 cents. Rt 66 Distressed denim skirt with shorts underneath 49 cents. Last Delia denim with pink and blue jersey skirt 49 cents. I spent a total of $5.83 with tax!! :)

The skirts can be worn now and also this fall and winter. Add some colored tights or leggings underneath. As for the gauchos they are also good for several seasons. Add a nice pair of boots that come up to the calf and a sweater and you are good to go!

My daughter loved everything and I loved the price!!


MsFit said...

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I'm adding you right away.

smbwallace said...

I love Goodwill. Sometimes I go to look for certain things and sometimes I just go see what they have. I get a lot of my kids' clothes there.

Amber said...

Thrift stores and clearance is the best way to go and when your children get into those growth spurts you can cloth them and not break the bank!! :)