Thursday, August 21, 2008

Revamp Your Childrens Clothing

Sometimes the inevitable happens....a stain on a favorite top, a tear on her favorite jeans. What to do when something bad happens to good clothing? Do you just chuck them in the trash?
Only if they can't be fixed!!

Our school system is very strict on holes in jeans. I know, I know it is so cool but...not at my daughter's school. So instead, just take your daughter or son shopping to pick out the coolest patch they can find. These days they make so many types that your child whatever their age is sure to find something they like. When you get home you can just patch up that hole and the jeans are good to go. If you are feeling really ambitious you can pick up several coordinating patches and attach them on various spots of the jeans making it look intentional.

So we come to our recent dilemma. My oldest daughter got this shirt and wore it twice, somehow she got something on it that I just couldn't get out. I don't know how many times I washed this top and how many types of products I used. In the end I bought a box of Purple Rit Dye and tie dyed it. Voila, shirt is wearable again!! Had I only done this a while back I would have saved some money. The dye was only $1.52 and I was able to dye a couple tank tops while I was at it.

So my youngest, who has an identical pink top, says "Mom, Please tie dye mine too"!! :)