Friday, August 29, 2008

Reducing Cost and Waste with a Brita Pitcher

We always have kept bottled water in the house. While drinking water is so good for you, the cost of the bottled water is not.

The taste of our tap water is not great at all so just drinking it straight out of the tap is not an option. While shopping in Wal Mart today I found this Brita Slim for only $7.97.

It holds 40 oz and the filter is supposed to last 2 months.

One 24 pack of Nestle pure water is an average of $4. Sometimes it is a few cents under and sometimes a few cents over.

One case is 480 0z for $4

The Brita filter works for 40 gallons, 1 gallon equals 128 oz. For a total of 5120 oz for $8.

It will take 10 1/2 cases of water to equal 1 filter cartridge.

$42 for the water opposed to $8. WOW!!

The replacement filters are $40 for 5 filters.

If the cost dosen't sell you on it, just think about how much you are doing for the environment by not throwing away all those plastic water bottles.