Monday, August 18, 2008

Never Pay full Price for Clothing....Almost

One thing I have done to save money for as long as I can remember is not paying full price for clothing. I almost never buy any at the original full price. Having two daughters who wear alot of clothes, I figured out early on to shop at the end of season clearances.

Target and Dillards are two local stores that have great end of season clearance. I have often gotten items for 60, 70 and yes even 90% off. The stores next in line would be Kohls, JcPenney and Walmart. Last year I got girls Levi jeans for $3.99 a pair a Kohl's. Every one of these stores have served me well over the years. I have also occasionally found unbelievable deals at Old Navy and Gap. It's all about knowing when to shop. Also, if you go into Kohl's and they have awesome girls tops for 75% or more off make sure and buy several in your childs next size.

Right now my youngest daughter has tons of tops for this fall and a couple dresses in the closet. No jeans yet sadly, once they get older it gets harder to decide what size of jeans they will wear. It something they most definitely will have to try on.

Summer clothing is already going on clearance, now is the time to start stocking up!