Saturday, August 23, 2008

Home Made Laundry Soap....Is it worth it?

While reading blog after blog and searching the net far and wide to find more sources to save money I came across a blog talking about making laundry soap. Well laundry soap is expensive so I am willing to give it a try. Sad thing was, I could find nowhere on the blog that described how to do it. So I googled it and was surprised at how much information I found. I found so many recipes. They were all very similar but switched out an ingredient or two.

So I finally found the recipe I wanted to try, it called for Washing Soda, water and a bar of Dove soap. I went shopping and thought I had bought the Dove soap, later realized it was Ivory. I couldn't find the Washing Soda anywhere. Then I realized the same site promoted a recipe that was just the same except you used Baking Soda instead of Washing Soda. So I decided to go for that one.

I had my ingredients! I needed

2 gallons hot water
1 bar Dove soap (whoops I bought the wrong soap)
2 cups Baking Soda

You grate up the soap in a pan with just enough water to cover the soap. Bring it to a boil and melt the soap stirring it often. Then you take a pail or bucket and add 2 gallons hot water. Pour the melted soap into the hot water and mix well. Next take the 2 cups of Baking Soda and stir them in mixing well. After you get it mixed up good you let it cool.

I found that when it cooled it was super thin and separated just a little. (I probably did something wrong? Or maybe that is just normal) Anyway, I took empty laundry soap bottles and washed them out. I stirred the mixture up real good and filled the bottles. it made 250 oz.

The cost of the ingredients
Ivory soap = 3 bars 1.00 ( I used 1, 33cents)
Baking Soda = 4lb box 2.16 (I used 1/4 54cents)

For a total of 87 cents for 1 batch.

The instructions call for using 1/2 for regular loads and 1 cup for heavily soiled loads

If you only use the 1/2 that makes 62.5 loads for 87 cents

If you use the full 1 cup that makes 31.25 loads for 87 cents

Either way you look at!

How much is your average 30 load bottle of Tide, All, Arm & Hammer or even the store brand??

So how does it work??
Well I have been using it for a week now, still using regular fabric softener, bleach and shout. I still treat my laundry and stains as I did with store bought detergent. Other than the fact that it has very little smell, I think because I used Ivory soap, I think it is working great. The only problem I have had so far was the first load of whites I washed. I wanted to see if using only 1/2 cup would work, it didn't. Hence the instructions, 1cup per heavily soiled loads.

I have actually been opting to use the full cup on each load. It is still saving me a bundle. I do think I will buy the Dove to use next time, I think the scent will be more noticeable.

I also plan to try Home Made Fabric Softener as soon as mine runs out....I will let you know how it goes! -Amber


smbwallace said...

I believe I will try this!

You could add a couple of drops of tea tree oil for extra cleaning power and a scent, or just a few drops of lavender essential oil for a scent.

I have also read that borax is good for this. I think I will do like you and research this well!

Anonymous said...

I like the recipe for homemade laundry soap at Engineer a Debt Free Life blog at

There are some other good money saving tips and freebies on the site too.

But I would give a resounding YES to the question - is making your own laundry soap worth it? Yes, without a doubt. And the smell when you make it is wonderful!