Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breakfast for Dinner

When I was a kid every once in a while we would do breakfast for dinner/supper. Our favorite was bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy!! Yummo

If you think about it most breakfast foods are relatively cheap: eggs, bacon, biscuits, pancakes, waffles etc. When you compare the price of Bisquick and syrup to a meat meal it can be a quite a bit cheaper.

Tonight we had Cheese omelets, using 9 eggs for all of us, roughly $1. 18 count here cost around $2.80. The cheese we used was WalMart brand pepperjack. It has 12 slices for $2.25, we used 4 for a total of .75. We used a most of a pkg of Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon, $2.50. Last we used one 10 count biscuit that came in a pack of 4. They are Walmart brand and I got them for $1.50, total there is 37 cents.

Our whole meal for a family of 4 was $4.62. We also ended up with 2 biscuits and several pieces of bacon leftover.

My kids LOVE breakfast night!! Whether we do eggs or waffles it is something different and definitely budget friendly.